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Software4Business customized our Pastel Evolution system, giving us full ERP functionality and complete control of every aspect. More...

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    We Work Hard To Please You

    Winterbach Software Consulting trading as "Software4Business" started in 2003. We have Sage/Pastel Evolution experts, project managers, consultants, trainers and programmers. Our solutions include an array of vertical market solutions that fully integrate back into Sage/Pastel Evolution.


    We work hard to please you, essentially allowing you to take charge of the areas that require your attention; such as growing your business and building a better future for yourself, your business, your family and South Africa as a whole.


    How can we help you?

  • Pastel Evolution Remote Support

    Sage Evolution Remote Support

    To get Sage Evolution support from anywhere in South Africa is as easy as 123.

    1. Download our remote support application
    2. Install the application by following the prompts
    3. Call us to arrange a time to log-in.

    **Terms and conditions apply


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We Are Here To Help

We know that you do not always have time to do your own work as well as Pastel Evolution configuration, training and troubleshooting. Evolution might be user friendly but being an administrator takes a bit more than what meets the eye. We know, and we dedicated thousands of hours learning the ins-and-outs. We know the front-end, back-end, programming code and triggers inside out. We can help you, that is what we are here for.

Strategic Reporting

We know you want to see income statements, balance sheets, make sure the TB balance and keep an eye on those agings totals, but what if you need something more. Something like KPIs for your warehouse staff, or a monthly sales report that gives you budgets per customer and GL account. What if you want to segment your reps and products. How do you do that? We use our "secret" weapons combined with Excel based reporting. Impossible becomes strategic.

Years Of Experience

With over 65 years combined IT experience and 50 years at Softline Pastel (or Sage) you can be sure to get the right solution, with the right answers and years of "know how". Our experience shows in the lists of prestigious customers we have helped over the years. We can also help you. Martin Luther King, Jr. said that knowledge gives man power; We are adding this "without experience you have little control"

Ready When You Are

We would love to meet you and see how our solutions can help you "take back control". A meeting, demonstration or support with any of our highly skilled Pastel Evolution consultants can be arranged.



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Demo Information

If you would like us to do a demonstration of Pastel Evolution's features and functionality, combined with any of our vertical solutions please do not hesitate to contact us today.

Simply click here and provide us with your details or alternatively phone us direct by using the contact details provided on your immediate right.

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For all Pastel Evolution issues or enquiries contact us.

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