Sage Evolution - ERP power in your hand

Sage Evolution (previously Pastel Evolution) is remarkable software that combines the power of ERP with simplicity. Sage Evolution provides all businesses with the core functionality of a financial package that is second to none. Sage Evolution can be expanded horizontally to include modules that ease daily administrative tasks, or vertically for various industries like manufacturing, services, distribution, retail, and engineering.


Additional to the standard Sage Evolution horizontal and vertical modules additional power can be added by incorporating an Excel-based reporting solution known as business intelligence or Sage Evolution BIC. BIC reports can be designed to such an extent that the most difficult reporting requirements are handled effortlessly and become an integral part of your business. We have found that most of our clients use their custom designed reports on a daily basis which they claim gives them a massive competitive advantage.


If you are still not convinced that Sage Evolution is the right solution for your business, consider the fact that it can easily grow with your user count to a maximum of 200 users and easily incorporate new modules to cater for new business requirements. Sage Evolution is also backed up by South Africa's most trusted and established software company and will still be supported for a very long time which should give you peace of mind.


Sage Evolution is built on top of the most stable and versatile database engine in the industry known as Microsoft SQL Server. Microsoft's SQL Server again explores the possibilities of incorporating or integrating other systems and or databases. By using other Microsoft technologies like Visual studio, SQL Server management studio, SQL Server integration services, SQL Server reporting services, etc., we can assist your business to build a software solution that competes with the most expensive ERP systems at a fraction of the cost.

The power is truly in your hands. Bank on Sage Evolution, it is built on Microsoft.