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Stands for Application for reconciling, invoicing, and controlling all Strategic Returnable Assets


What is Africa SRA?


A client approached Software4Business to solve a problem they had with managing strategic returnable assets (SRA). The SRA (like trays, pallets, drums, cables, protective containers) are not sold to clients, but are typically worth a reasonable amount of money. SRAs need to be managed when going out and when coming in.


The SRA for the client mentioned above costs around R200 each. The company has more than 20 000 of these SRAs which can currently be shipped to over 50 locations, sites, or clients.


The application manages SRAs based on specific product (items) ordered and adjust the print-out for delivery and return purposes. See image 1 below. A client can order any part of 500 products while only a handful (20 items) might require a SRA for shipping.

The formula for SRA usage will differ per company, per item or item group. The program will effectively subtract and add the items in the database for proper stock management. Additionally, because stock will be either at a client/remote site or in a warehouse the application also allows for stock take at a client/remote sites.


Stock take variances (items lost or damaged) are consequently invoiced to a client, or can be written off. These are all settings within the application self.


Below are screenshots to explain the process:


The invoice printed from Sage Evolution will look something like this if


  1. The client is a SRA candidate
  2. The invoice lines include a SRA item

If both conditions above are not met, the invoice will not display the SRA footer (Tray Control Note).

The invoices are typically printed in duplicates, with one copy being returned to the office for processing.



SRA application from Sage Evolution


  1. The SRA Application can be opened directly from Sage Evolution as seen below:



SRA application login screen


Once opened the application will ask for:

A Username and Password

Provide a list of databases the application is installed for.

Other tabs are used for installing and configuring the application.



SRA invoice management screen


When logged in, SRA item invoices are listed for return processing. This is the heart of the operational process.



  1. Opening qty: will show the SRA items for the client associated with the invoice highlighted.
  2. Invoiced qty: will calculate the various SRA items that shipped with the invoice (these items are not listed as items on the invoice) but are managed, and can be adjusted accordingly.
  3. Return qty: this is where the invoices returned with their respective qty are entered.
  4. Damaged qty: If any of the SRAs are damaged, they are entered here. This will automatically create an invoice within Evolution (as a GL line).
  5. This column, closing qty will calculate and display various SRA qty still at the client/ remote site.
  6. To reflect any new invoices while working, the user can simply click on the “Refresh” button.
  7. The “Process” button essentially process the qty out, in and damaged (plus invoices) and will consequently remove the invoice line from the list.


Client SRA qty adjustment screen


The second icon on the navigation panel is used for opening stock, or adjusting a client’s SRA qty.

When a qty is adjusted downwards, the differences are automatically entered in the Invoice field, but this can be adjusted per entry if required.



Client SRA relink qty screen


All good systems need a relink, re-calculation process. This screen can be used for one or all clients. The process essentially runs through all the SRA transactions and ensures the various SRA quantities are aligned correctly.



Client SRA statement screen and report


A SRA statement (qty movement) report can be send to a client. The screen allows for client selection, start and end dates.



The statement would look something like this:



Client SRA Stock Take Management


In order to properly manage stock take processes at client sites, there is a screen that allows you to manage this.



If a client site needs a stock take (scheduled for every three months), the next invoice will print a “Tray Management” Footer that will specify to the driver to do a blind stock take of the various SRA items.

The invoice footer will print out as follows:



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