Discharged Distribution

Discharge Ditribution is one of our own add-on modules we developed for managing the distribution workflow.


The module is centered around receiving and dispatching stock invoices and essentially monitoring external parties involved with getting the job done. The module fully integrates with Pastel Evolution and allows for feedback when stock has been delivered either to the customer or by the supplier.


Credit Notes and Return to Suppliers with an array of additional paramateres are automatically generated when finalising an invoice. The inputs are then used for monitoring delivery efficiency, loses, theft, damages, picking etc.


Additional features of the application includes:

1. Supplier KPI management (additional parameters processing doing a GRV).

2. Credit Control Authorization -> Only allowing a SO to be processed when a unique Password is entered per SO document.

3. Sales per customer type -> moving GL sales transactions to make sense.

4. User access control


Below are a few screenshots of the application:


Inventory control, warehouse management


Inventory control, warehouse management



Call us if you have a distribution centre who either uses or wants to use Pastel Evolution, but need additional functionality as described above. Please note, the software can be customized for individual companies.



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