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Pastel Evolution: There is no disk in the drive

Evolution allows you to automatically update the current version on all of the workstations. This is normally set up when installing Evolution on the local PC where a shared folder on the network is specified that will be referenced each time Evolution is opened.

It might some times happen that the following message is received when selecting the Evolution shortcut: "There is no disk in the drive, please insert a disk in drive E" (e.g) The agent may still be able to continue by selecting the message's "Cancel" button, but it remains a nuisance value.

To correct the problem, open the local PC's Registry and follow the following path:
HK_LOCAL_MACHINE \ SOFTWARE \ Softline \ Evolution (selected) – right click on the "UpdatesDir" file on the right panel and select "Modify". Modify by either deleting the current path or recreate the path to where it should point. The best practice to follow is to copy the contents of the latest Evolution version CD on to a shared drive on the server and to map all workstations to reference this folder. Refrain from mapping to a drive (e.g. E drive = CD ROM drive) on the server.

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We know that you do not always have time to do your own work as well as Sage Evolution configuration, training and troubleshooting. Evolution might be user-friendly but being an administrator takes a bit more than what meets the eye. We know, and we dedicated thousands of hours learning the ins-and-outs. We know the front-end, back-end, programming code and triggers inside out. We can help you, that is what we are here for.

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With over 40+ years combined IT experience and 30 years with Sage, you can be sure to get the right solution, with the right answers and years of "know-how". Our experience shows in the lists of prestigious customers we have helped over the years. We can also help you. Martin Luther King, Jr. said that knowledge gives man power; We are adding this "without experience you have little control"

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